Hi from Sonya (L) and Tara (R)!

We are just two homeschooling moms who love quality children’s books and sharing the story of how we met, became best friends and started our home-grown book-selling business!

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Remember that one time – at the Ohio Bookstore?

In April 2017, a Facebook group called Reshelving Alexandria (RA) began. If you don’t know about RA, it was started by three friends who have a passion for furthering the knowledge and preservation of children’s living books from the past and present. In that group, lovers of quality children’s books made new connections and found their tribe.

In August 2017, I (Tara) was completely bummed about not being able to go to a very large used book sale that occurs around my birthday so I decided to try to find some new book-hunting grounds and found out about The Ohio Bookstore in Cincinnati. I couldn’t believe that I had lived in Kentucky for over 20 years and didn’t know that store. So it couldn’t have been much, right?

Was I completely stunned when I opened the door to the 2nd floor and saw this:

There were rows and rows of vintage out-of-print treasures that the bookstore purchased from libraries that were purging or closing. I about fainted (not only because of the books spread out before me but because there was no air conditioning on the second floor and it was August!). I shared my excitement in the RA group and started book hunting in earnest. Right away, I got several responses to my FB post as well as requests to reveal where this book store was, but none were more persistent than someone named Sonya whom I noticed lived in Louisville.

YIKES – did I really want to share the location?!?

I was finding incredible books that you just do not find normally in the wild – Bendick, Zim, Picture Map Geographies, Messner biographies, McClung, Buehr, Blough and yes, several Gerald Johnsons – all for crazy good prices! There was NO way I could get all I wanted so I would have to come back. Did I want someone else to come and wipe them out before me? No, not really. SIGH – but I’m not a selfish person when it comes to books. So I revealed my spot…..RELUCTANTLY.

Right after that, Sonya and I began to chat online and discovered how much we have in common besides loving children’s books (we both have sons named Cole with dark hair and glasses who are only a few months apart, we both seriously considered becoming neonatalogists/pediatricians, etc.). We met up a few times and started planning to go book hunting together. One of our first trips was to Ohio Bookstore in October 2017. I wanted to see her face when she saw the treasure trove it was.

You can see the excitement on her face when we started out on the trip!
Her reaction didn’t disappoint and she started filling a bag right away!

It was then we started thinking about joining forces to resell books that we found while book hunting that were either duplicates that we already had or that we thought other homeschooling moms would want. We had to fund our own book purchases and this seemed like a great (and FUN) way to do it! We happily discovered that what one person hated about the book selling process, the other one loved! We were amazed at how our strengths and weaknesses lined up to form the perfect team!

The rest, as “they” say, is history!

Ever since then we’ve done a LOT of book hunting together including at least two weekend long trips each year to sales to rescue books to pass on to homeschoolers through our online store, Living Pages Library’s Book Cart.

Like so many other homeschoolers, we were posting our books for sale on Facebook. However, due to constant changes by Facebook as to what people would/could see, we knew there had to be a better way so we decided to research starting our own book selling store online. During this time, we noticed other homeschool booksellers growing increasingly frustrated with the selling process on FB. The idea hit me that perhaps we should start an online marketplace similar to Etsy exclusively for homeschoolers to buy and sell their living books and curriculum.

Living Books Marketplace was born!

At the time I’m writing this, we aren’t able to add additional sellers to the Marketplace due to a shipping integration problem that we are waiting for PayPal to fix. We are hopeful that will be rolled out in early 2020 so that we can make this a true marketplace of living books for homeschoolers to buy and sell for their families!

However, our store, Living Pages Library’s Book Cart IS up and running and we have hundreds of amazing books for you to browse and purchase!

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Thank you for visiting Living Books Marketplace! We hope you enjoy it here!

Tara & Sonya