{To read about how we became besties and started Living Books Marketplace, please read “Who We Are”.}

Meet Sonya!

Sonya is the practical one in our dynamic duo! She’s organized, prepared for A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G and has a level head on her shoulders. She keeps us out of trouble and on the right track for our business (and keeps Tara from spinning off into Neverland with all her ideas!). While the lines do cross a bit sometimes, she is generally the “do-er” – she posts the books in Living Pages Library’s Book Cart, ships out orders, does the bookkeeping and is the AMAZING Living Books Marketplace seller support person.

Sonya not only loves collecting living children’s books, she loves reading them! She is quite knowledgeable about a wide variety of children’s authors, illustrators, series and books in every subject. This will come in handy when she and Tara combine their living book collections to open a homeschool community lending library in Central Kentucky! If you have any questions or need recommendations, email her at spacekid77@hotmail.com.

Some of her very favorites include the Little House series, Chronicles of Narnia, historical fiction and biographies (especially Revolutionary War and WWII related), and gorgeously illustrated bird/insect/nature books!

She’s been married to James for forever, homeschools her two amazing children Annie and Cole, and has a spoiled rotten fur baby, Mira.

Meet Tara!

Tara is the creative one of the dynamic duo. She’s disorganized, fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants, seriously afflicted by Shiny Object Syndrome and constantly needs to borrow something from Sonya because she doesn’t plan ahead. She gets us INTO trouble and has a tendency to text Sonya at 3 AM with another awesome idea! Again, while the lines do cross, generally Tara is the “idea” person – building and designing the logo & website, marketing, brainstorming other ways to help homeschoolers learn more about living books as well as cleaning and pricing books that are sold in their store, Living Pages Library’s Book Cart.

While Tara loves children’s books as much as Sonya, her other love is bringing ideas to life. Along with Living Pages Library’s Book Cart and Living Books Marketplace, she is creating content for Living Books Librarian, a website she created to do living book reviews and teach others how to find the best books for their home libraries. Along that same vein, she is almost ready to publish her first book “Only the Best: Collecting Books for Your Home Library” (working title – it could change!). Being the idea machine that she is, she has several other projects in the pipeline after the ones mentioned are running smoothly.

Tara is also knowledgeable about children’s books, authors, illustrators and series and would be happy to make recommendations! Feel free to email her at graceglory77@gmail.com.

Some of Tara’s favorites are Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski (ANYthing by Lois Lenski actually), Golden Name Day by Jennie Lindquist, Freckles by Gene Stratton Porter and wonderfully illustrated picture books!

Tara is a divorced, single mom who works a “normal” job from home (medical coding for a consulting firm) while homeschooling her son, Cole, and corralling her two fur babies, Gracie and Holly.

Life at the McClenahan home

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